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Why is my package’s shipping status not updating?

Many international packages look like they are stuck in Jamaica, NY. That is the last sorting center for USPS before leaving for another country. International shipping updates are not always updated frequently with USPS. Many times we do not see an update until the package is actually delivered. Please give it at least 10-15 days for delivery.

If you have a domestic (United States) shipping address, please contact us at to as why your package’s shipping status is not updating.

How long does it take for shipments to arrive?

We ship everything out first class with USPS. Domestic orders take around 3-5 business days to arrive. International orders take around 7-21 business days.

Do you ship internationally? How much does it cost?

We ship internationally for a $5.00 flat rate fee!

Will I receive shipping notification?

After every order, we will send out tracking updates to make sure you receive updates along the way.

Will I receive shipping notification?

After every order, we will send out tracking updates to make sure you receive updates along the way.


How do I return my order?

We are happy to accept returns if the product is in it's original packaging.

What you will need to do is send the case to :

Peel Accessories, LLC
Attn: [Insert your order # here]
1006 Olive St, Suite 303
Saint Louis, MO 63101

And when you have a tracking number, we will need either the tracking number or a copy of the link. USPS should be the cheapest option. Then once the package has arrived safely and inspected we can refund your full order!

PLEASE NOTE: Returns must be initiated within 30 days upon delivery of the order.

Does Peel offer an official warranty on it’s products?

Our support team is always happy to find a resolution that best suits your situation. For assistance, please reach out to us at with a description of the issue. Please include a photo if possible.

Peel Case

How much protection does the case offer?

We're kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. You've got your too cold porridge (bulky otterbox cases), your top hot porridge (a naked iPhone), and then your 'ahh just right' porridge. That's us, Peel.

Peel cases protect from scratches, dirt, bumps, and light drops. For added protection, we recommend uses our Peel Glass screen protectors with our Peel cases.

What is the case made out of? Does it have any grip?

Our phone cases are made out of PP plastic. The case has a matte finish and does provide a decent grip.

Is it normal for the case to become loose after a few months?

This can happen periodically due to the thinness of each case. Over time, excessive wear may change the structure of your Peel case. If you happen to have this issue, please contact

Can I get a discount if I order multiple cases?

For orders of 100 cases or more, we can offer you our wholesale discount. Email for more info.

Peel Glass

Does the screen protector work with 3D Touch?


There’s a bubble under my Peel Glass. How do I remove it?

Usually it's possible to remove bubbles by applying pressure to the area and pushing it slowly out towards the edges.

For larger bubbles you may want to carefully lift up the edges of Peel Glass near the affected area and re-apply.

Does the screen protector work with other cases?

Peel Glass has been tested and approved to work with Peel cases. It’s impossible for us to test Peel glass with every case so we can’t guarantee it will work with everything. If your current case has curved edges covering the front of the phone, the curved edge of Peel Glass may not be a perfect fit.

Peel Juice Bags

Are the cables MFi certified?

Yes they are!

What does MFi certified mean?

Apple MFi certification is a license that shows Apple Inc. has authorized the accessory. MFi is the abbreviation of “Made for iPhone”. All of our cables are MFi certified which means that you’ll never get those annoying “This accessory may not be supported” messages that pop up when you use cheap iPhone cables.