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Peel - Super Thin iPhone Cases

Understated Edition iPhone 6/6s Case A palette inspired by subtle spring colors. Curated by Jessica Comingore.

Understated Edition iPhone 6/6s Case



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As a designer, I work with color often to help tell a visual story and capture a feeling within a palette. Simplicity also plays a large role in my design work, but that doesn’t always mean turning to black, white and grey. My favorite way to use color is by stripping it down and allowing it to act as a neutral; colors that are elegant without being aggressive.

For this collection, I created a palette that is reminiscent of spring, but in a less conventional sense. Instead of bright yellows, pinks and greens, I opted for subtler colors that appear as we transition out of winter — a crisp coastline, a basket of spring fruit, and the sprouting of flowers once the sun reappears.

Jessica Comingore Founder, The Elysian Edit
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