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Peel - Super Thin iPhone Cases

Juice Bag of 3 MFi iPhone Chargers

The Peel Juice Bag for iPhone comes with 3 lightning cables & wall adapters — an incredible value. Place the cables throughout your home and charge anywhere, comfortably.

Juice Bag of 3 MFi iPhone Chargers



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MFI Certified

This means you won’t get those pesky “accessory may not be supported” messages on your screen. Our technology is approved & vetted by Apple.

Power Everywhere

Three premium chargers for $49 is an incredible value. Place them throughout your home to get a charge anywhere.

Extra Long

Peel cables are 1.5 meters long instead of the standard 1 meter length from Apple. Easily charge your iPhone while using it.

Tangle Resistant

Our fettuccine cable design helps the cables from becoming tangled. They neatly wrap into a circle to fit into the travel bag.

"I have been through a bunch of cases and Peel has by far been the best. I have dropped my phone a ton and no shattered or scratched screen."
Marc Hemeon Oakley, YouTube, Google, Design Inc, & HODINKEE designer
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