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Peel - Super Thin iPhone Cases

Juice Bag of 3 MFi iPhone Chargers




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    Juice Bag of 3 MFi iPhone Chargers Juice Bag Juice Bag Juice Bag

    MFI Certified

    This means you won’t get those pesky “accessory may not be supported” messages on your screen. Our technology is approved & vetted by Apple.

    Power Everywhere

    Three premium chargers for $49 is an incredible value. Place them throughout your home to get a charge anywhere.

    Extra Long

    Peel cables are 1.5 meters long instead of the standard 1 meter length from Apple. Easily charge your iPhone while using it.

    Tangle Resistant

    Our fettuccine cable design helps the cables from becoming tangled. They neatly wrap into a circle to fit into the travel bag.