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How we do what we do.

Our process and how our business works is all about "less". Stemming from our core beliefs, these help us build and grow our business in a way that works for us best.

No Office

Without an office, we’re able to focus on what really matters in our business. We’re also able to live more fulfilling lives. Take the trip. Get inspired. Continue doing great work.

Small Team

We’re a very small team. We could be larger, but choose to keep the team as small as possible. Only when it’s painful do we add people to the team. We like it this way. By keeping the team small and free of bureaucracy, we can work intentionally and calmly.

Limited Resources

We haven’t gone out and raised a bunch of venture capital money. Instead we work with what we have. By limiting our resources, we’re forced to get creative and only work on what is essential.

Curated Products

We could come out with more products, faster and faster… but instead we choose to take our time and limit what we make. The end result is fewer, but better products. Products that receive more love, attention, and thoughtfulness from our little team.

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