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What's The Secret? Less but better.

One minute read

Does this sound like you?

Overwhelmed, overworked, not enough resources, not enough time, not enough room to breath.

Hey, it happens to the best of us. The reality is we only have so much time, and attention. The good news is there's a solution.

We believe minimalism and living intentionally can drastically improve your life. Minimalism is about getting more out of life using less. It requires taking on less, saying no more often, and leaving room for yourself mentally and physically. It leaves you with more for what's important to you. The secret is less but better.

It's addition by subtraction.

We believe in getting more out of less. We believe in living intentionally.

How to live intentionally

  1. Figure out what's important to you
  2. Subtract or remove everything else (this is the hard part)
  3. Go after what's left with everything you have

We’re peel. We make unique minimalist essentials for those that want more out of less.

Our product designs are a reflection of these beliefs.

We’re not only know for our minimalist aesthetic…
we design in smart, magical details
and hide our branding

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The minimalist aesthetic is a visual reminder to keep things simple. We love to embrace constraints and make awesome stuff using less. Our product designs are a reflection of these beliefs.

Marshal Haas

CEO & Co-Founder