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Design Philosophy

The guiding principles we use to create great products.

Peel is a minimalist essentials brand. Creating products that are simple and unobtrusive takes discipline. These are the principles that guide our products.

Unobtrusive Design

We design products that stay out of your way. Our approach is to streamline, create features that work invisibly, and to add thoughtful touches. We get excited about complex products waiting to be simplified. Simple is difficult to accomplish, but we’re up to the challenge.

Minimalist Aesthetic

Minimalism is the aesthetic of our beliefs. Simple does not happen by accident. It takes intentional design to remove the non-essential. Our default as humans is to fill the space we give ourselves. Discipline is required to do the opposite.

Limited Branding

Most companies place their logo in the most prominent spot possible. Instead, we hide our logo or often remove it entirely. We believe our products should shine on their own. If you love them, we know you'll tell a friend. Our logo doesn't need to do that for you.

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