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The Year Ahead For Peel
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The Year Ahead For Peel

We are very excited for 2018 because we have some big plans for Peel.

Our bread & butter for the past 5 years has been cell phone cases and accessories, created with our core brand values:

  • • Minimalist in Nature
  • • Branding Free
  • • Thoughtful Design

This year we will be extending our design philosophies to new product categories that we think you are going to love.

We’re making a car. Just kidding, but that would be fun!

Our new products will seamlessly fit into your everyday life and will have that something special that makes it a Peel product.

We can’t wait to show you, so stay tuned over the next few months as our new products start to roll out.

Thank you,

- Marshall Haas and the Peel Team

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